Malawi Heritage UK

Malawi Heritage UK is a community based organisation that aims at bringing people together. Our focus is on promoting community cohesion , celebrating culture and heritage ,creating space for cultural learning and community engagement, integration and digital inclusion . We believe that digital creativity has the ability to tell a positive story that can help break societal barriers, hence creating a more tolerant society.

Malawi Heritage Awards

More about Awards https://malawiheritage.org/malawi-heritage-awards/

Click Here for Malawi Heritage Awards 2022 Nominations Open

Malawi Heritage Awards 2021 Organising Committee with the Lord Mayor

Malawi Heritage Community Food Support

More about our food support https://malawiheritage.org/malawi-heritage-community-food-support/

Helping people to be effective Leaders in Digital World

Our skills and Leadership coaching programs will help in shaping future leaders through equipping them with necessary knowledge in a dynamic digital environment. Come find out more about our projects.

We are confident that our team’s unique experiences and creative learning style will absolutely be an asset to your growth.

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